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Hollander Electric provides electrical services for residential and commercial clients in Milltown. We are a family owned business that has been operating for 30 years. During that time, we have upheld an exception reputation for service quality and excellent customer relations.

For any electrical jobs in Milltown we are the electrician that can do the job for you better than most.


We take the smallest of jobs from our residential clients that are worth a couple of hours of work, to large scale installations of electrical wiring on commercial buildings.

Our jobs include: wiring during renovations, CCTV installations, installation of new lighting fixtures, maintenance and repair, air conditioning unit wiring, routine checkups and much more.

For our commercial clients we perform the same services but on a larger scale. We understand that tight deadlines need to be met, and a lot of work needs to be carried out due to the size of the projects. Furthermore, we understand the need for a quick turnaround time so that minimal disruption is caused to the running of commercial operations. We will make sure to do our job quickly and effectively so we can get out of your way, and you can return to full operations.

HVAC Services

We also provide Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning services. If you need HVAC repair, maintenance or servicing, our experts can diagnose the problem and make the necessary fixes. Our HVAC solution will address ventilation, heat control, and humidity to ensure that you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Additionally, you can call Hollander Electric to find out about our Restaurant HVAC service.


The quality of our work means that Hollander Electric Co LLC is second to none when it comes to electrical projects in Milltown. We have a reputation for high quality service, and we work very hard to retain that reputation. Here are some of the reasons why our electrical services are ahead of the pack:

Client Satisfaction: We actually listen to what the client wants and then we aim to deliver on exactly that. Therefore, we are flexible in the way we approach jobs. This includes being available for certain hours, days of the week, not making a mess, keeping the noise down and working fast to reduce time on site.

Professionals Service: Our staff is highly trained and qualified. Because of our vast knowledge and experience, we are confident that we can handle any sort of electrical job out there. This includes installations, repairs jobs, maintenance and wiring up custom made equipment. No matter how complicated the job, we have the workforce to get it completed for you.

A Positive Attitude: We are proud of the work we do and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our professionalism means that paying attention to the little details is a big part of our process. Therefore, we work on your job as if we were working on our own house – by making sure everything is done to achieve a perfect outcome.

Competitive Rates: We understand that you might have a tight budget, and therefore cannot afford to pay top fees. As a result we charge competitive rates that make us an affordable electrician service for all our clients.

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